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Benjamin Kolodziej, MSM, MTS

Perkins Chapel Wedding Music Contracting provides professional, reliable, and talented classical musicians to perform for weddings throughout DFW. These musicians, who perform frequently at the prestigious and popular Perkins Chapel on the Southern Methodist University campus, consist of local symphony members, professional music teachers, experienced university faculty and award-winning young professional performers. If you want a vibrant trumpeter, a majestic brass ensemble, a shimmering string quartet or an angelic vocal duo, but do not know where to start, you may wish to consider musical contracting.

What instruments can be provided?

Brass ensemble
String ensemble
Solo violin or cello
Piano (for ceremony or reception)
Guitar (classical or tasteful contemporary)

What is unique about Perkins Chapel Wedding Musicians?

1. Having played for 1000 weddings in seven years, I have worked with some truly excellent musicians from throughout DFW. Since they have the highest musical standards that befit wedding ceremonies at Perkins Chapel, I will gladly arrange for them to provide music for your ceremony.

2. All agreements are specified in written contracts.

Because Perkins Chapel is the second most popular wedding venue in Dallas, musicians are eager to work there. I am able to pick the best from amongst the best—and they always go beyond the call of duty to make you happy, which makes me happy, which in turn gets them more business from me!

Last-minute musicians are a speciality. Because I have such a large number of musicians to draw upon, many musicians can be secured for you even up to the last week before your ceremony.

What is the pricing?

Trumpeters, most soloists, flautists, and pianists can be secured for a basic fee of $225. (Not including rehearsals.) String quartets are available starting from $700. Please email for a specific quote and to enquire about ensembles.

Benjamin A Kolodziej, CAGO, MSM, MTS

Updated : January 2008

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