Perkins Chapel Wedding Music

Please fill out the form below with the required information.  Within 24 hours you will receive personal acknowledgment that your submissions have been received.  If you do not receive such a reply, please resubmit your selections or just email Benjamin Kolodziej directly.

(If you have a string quartet or other musicians playing instead of the organ, please note that for each processional.)


Wedding Date and Start Time:

Rehearsal Time:


1)   Mothers' or Family Processional:

2)   Attendants' Processional:

3)  Bridal Processional:

4)    Vocal solos during the ceremony (optional):

(vocal solos must be approved if not on the website)

5)    Will the solos be accompanied by organ or are you providing for other instrumentation?

6)   Is there any other music within the service?  If so, please explain.

7)   Recessional:

8)   Do you have any questions?  (Ie., do you need any supplementary musicians such as trumpeter or soloist, do you have any special requests for prelude or postlude, etc?) 



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